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I am building a portfolio to host my projects and link to my CV/ other resources of mine. I still don’t have projects worth showing to potential employers so more of those will be added in later.

The site is hosted on github pages so the form submission doesn’t work, however I have included a php file which (potentially) will handle it when I host the site elsewhere. I also haven’t included my CV as this is still waiting to be worked on and has no relevant experience!


Any suggestions/ bugs noticed are welcome! I am also trying to work out what kind of projects to work on that will increase my chance of finding work. At the moment I am thinking of developing a new product landing page and maybe a weather reporting API based web app.

I started making this and my own projects after reaching the React course on FCC, which soon made me realize I wasn’t experienced enough with the basic skills to learn React yet. Once I have built a couple more projects and feel more comfortable with the basics I will try again with React which I am hoping will boost my employability once completed.

For now I am hoping to get this site finished and start applying for entry-level jobs as soon as realistically possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Hi @jcgthomas !

You mention on your Linkedin that you have been freelancing for over a year.
If you have been building sites for clients, it would be nice to see those.

As for what types of projects to add, as long as it is not the same cookie cutter class projects everyone else does.

Class projects are great for learning the basics but you want to show something more than that for jobs.

I would suggest looking though #career section and seeing what types of projects people had in their portfolios that got them the job.

Also, research recently hired junior developers on LinkedIn and look at their portfolios and github profiles.

Hope that helps!

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