Job offer (Enhance IT) Is it a scam!?

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I got an offer from this company (link below) and it seems too good to be true. I did a really simply interview and the recuirter told me the first year will be 72,500 USD with 2 months paid training. However, I need to sign a contract and if I break the contract I would have to paid them back 20,000usd. Is this a scam or legit?? plz send help :(((

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Is this for a full-time employee position or is it an independent contractor position. I personally would not sign anything that forces me to pay anything back to a company if I choose to leave. The only exception would be if the company gave a signing bonus and I left before a year of work. That is fairly typical these days.

I looked at one of their “consultant” jobs just now and see:

• Full Time, W-2 Employment, with Free, Paid 6-8 Week Training in M365 Engineering (an Industry-Proof Technology) at Our Headquarters

If the training is really free, then they should not make you sign a contract to pay them back.


I saw a lot of companies like this(Dev 10, Revature and the list go on), I would not mind to stay with the company for two years and work with contractors. But I am just afraid that this is a scam.

Their training is just not free, but they dont wanna say it, no. Instead they do some shifty marketing moves: “technically its free, but…”