Wrong job title, salary, and no pay review in contract

I was given my contract of employment and there were a few mistakes in the contract.

The job title I applied for was Front End Developer but the contract states I’m employed in the position of Digital Business Developer. The bonus agreed with the salary isn’t there. We agreed a pay review after three months probation but the contract clearly states there will be no monetary review. The contract was also supposed to be a three month contract rather than a permanent contract.

Some of these mistakes are worrying and have unsettled me. I’m starting to think whether this is a good place for me to work. Is it normal for these types of mistakes? What should I do?

HELL NO. Don’t sign the contract. Walk away.


Really? Could you explain why? I chose this job over three other offers. I know I’ll get another job but I’ll have to start the process all over again.

Because you said…

Are you sure, it’s not a paperwork error? Maybe they handed you a contract that’s meant for another person?

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Definitely looks like mine. I’ll speak to them when I go back in tomorrow. What do you advice my decision be based on?

I’d ask them about it. Sometimes it’s just a template someone grabs off the internet.

If you do walk away, follow up with the other places. I thought for sure after walking away from a crap work environment earlier this year that they would have found people for the other 3 jobs I was interviewing for. Turned out, they hadn’t hired yet and all 3 wanted to talk to me again (but I didn’t because I chose to brush up on my skills and work on FCC for a few months first).

When you do turn down work, always do it in a positive fashion and keep in touch with those people. Never know what tomorrow might bring and/or if you’ll interview with the same people at a different company down the road!


What’s a Digital Business Developer?

Is this like a program manager? Is this a management position or a sales position?
Or is this just their way of calling someone a Front End Developer?

Either way, it’s crappy of them to turn back on their word.

I don’t know you, I don’t know the company. If your gut instincts is telling you it’s going to be bad, well trust it.

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I have no idea. First time I have ever heard of this job title.

This what I got from searching on Google: “Promotional marketing today is all about influencing people before you get to engage them”.

I’ve read when you write your resume, it’s okay to use what you feel is the most appropariate/applicable title - compared to what your actual title was if/when they are different because they often are and can change during your tenure there. You should also be writing your resumes to the jobs you’re applying for. I was officially a “Data Analyst” but my role was “Webmaster” so I use “Webmaster” on my resume because that’s why my role actually was and I would never apply for a role as a Data Analyst.

Developer of digital business? Sounds pretty vague. Ask them for the job description. If it’s a small company, it might not yet be written and/or the role might not yet be fully defined.

If this IS your contract, I’d tell them that it’s not what you agreed to and move on (unless you do agree to what they have changed on you). If it was me, I’d see the red flag, thank them for their time, and move on. Because if this is how the relationship is starting, I would bet you a donot where it’s headed :wink:

First, check and make sure there wasn’t a mistake. If they stick with this offer, it’s up to you to decide if you want to accept it. If it was me, I’d walk away. Not only are these not the terms that you agreed to, but I would feel uncomfortable with a company that either (a) doesn’t have it’s shit together or (b) deliberately pulled a bait and switch. You had other offers, so it’s safe to say you’re in a position to find a job you feel good about.


It could be a template. I don’t know who writes the contracts but there’s an agency involved in our negotiations. It’s still disappointing because the job title is on the first page in capital letters and on the official letter. The Director has signed the official letter who I was interviewed by and was the decision maker of the negotiations.

Yes I’ll ask them about it tomorrow. I’ll be walking away if it feels wrong. Hopefully the other good offer I turned down is still open if I walk away.

Maybe the agency sold you to the director for this position… Either way, the agency gets their money/percentage… The company gets you, unqualified on this new job description and new responsibilities. You dind’t get the job you thought you were getting. Everybody loses except the agency who gets their cut/money.

Template or not, it becomes legally binding if you sign off on it.

I applied for this role on CV Library. The title was Front End Developer. I don’t understand why that has to change without asking me. The job description is mainly front end with some seo stuff included as I’ll be working with the marketing team. It’s an international public company with many subsidiaries around the world.

They didn’t ask you to sign the contract on the spot after reading it? It’s how they do it here…:confused:

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I’m used to getting it via email.

They gave me the contract to take home and go through properly.

As a hiring manager: it’s easy to make a mistake and send the wrong agreement or use the wrong template. Ask if it was a mistake and reiterate everything that was discussed and then decide from there. If it was just a title change, but everything else was okay, then I could excuse that as a simple mistake. But if it’s got THAT many things wrong, then that offer could have been for someone else and they mixed up the names instead.

Good luck!



First thing. Do you have any documentation like a draft contract, or emails where it will backup what you were told? Like everyone has stated previously. Just bring it to there attention. A little plain talk always solves problems.

Second thing. I wouldn’t stress the job title. There are different job titles for Developer positions. For example, in my case by official title is a “Program Analyst (Informatics)”, but my Department’s job title is a “Business Engineering Specialist”. Real world, it’s just a position with web and database development responsibilities (ASP.Net and MS SQL).

Like my wife always has said, she doesn’t care what she is called as long as she performs the proper duties and receives the correct pay.

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After speaking to the director, she said the job title of the contract is what they use for the role at this company and told me not to worry about the title as my role is the same. I’m getting an overall bad feeling about this whole sitation because it shouldn’t have been this uncomfortable and messy. I also get the feeling that she doesn’t really like me and the conversations with her are awkward. There is a three month probation so I’ll be able to leave anytime in those three months if I’m not happy which is beginning to look likely but I want the experience right now and don’t want to go through the job searching process again.