Wrong job title, salary, and no pay review in contract

It’s not like they gonna sue you because let’s say you don’t turn up to work one day or something, you know? If they don’t like you, then they always can get rid of you faster than the contract states. There are methods to get it done in the UK…and avoid negative consequences to the company

There is also a variable bonus which will be paid out every 3 months if I exceed targets. The problem is this won’t be written in the contract. I insisted that I’d like that to be included in the contract too but she said that’s not how the contracts are done here and every employee’s contract here is done this way.

Honestly, it seems very sketchy for a company to do this. A contract is binding and while you can leave at any time during the three month probation, you’d not only be wasting your time while you could be full on searching for another job, they don’t have to do anything they promised you as there’s no signed contract that says it.

Unless they are willing and change the contract to what they promised you, I’d say it’s time to part ways.

If that’s the title they use then why did they advertise for a front end developer instead of digital business developer? The whole situation sounds more than a bit off. I would definitely get everything in writing if you intend to take the role. Don’t just take their word for it.

As someone who has been there, it sounds like something I would walk away from.

I’ve been doing freelance contract work for a little bit now, and early on, I took on a project where very little was in writing. Since the contract was basically “the developer will get paid x amount of dollars for his ‘web development’ services”, I was eventually extorted to do more work than we initially talked about in our verbal agreement. Because the contract didn’t outline what ‘web development’ meant, I had no leverage in persuading the client that my work was done. I agree with one of the previous posters that the job title itself doesn’t matter a whole lot, but at the same time, if you are asking for something reasonable to be in the contract, but the employer refuses: huge warning signal.

Since then, I’ve turned down a couple deals that were really enticing financially but had a couple similar red flags to the ones you’ve pointed out. It was rough to do so at first, but I sure haven’t regretted it since, and I think I’ve saved myself a lot of heartache.

tldr; get everything in writing! :slight_smile:

I know it’s a little late and many of you may have forgotten about this post but this is an update to everyone who followed and contributed to this post.

I really appreciate everyone who helped me and gave me some brilliant advice on how to tackle a difficult problem so thank you so much. I signed the contract without getting the bonus changes made to the contract. The bonus was a small figure in contrast to the salary and my main goal at this stage was to get a decent job to gain experience and learn. The salary was much higher than what I was expecting when I started applying so all things considered, it is a good starting job for me. There is a 3 month probation period so if I’m not happy, I have the option to leave and take some valuable experience with me. Thanks again to everyone who helped. I would have messed it up if I had not asked for advice.

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I am late on this but as an FYI for anyone who may encounter a similar situation.

Business Development is a sales-heavy position meant to create profitable partnerships for the company. You will be working on wining and dining prospects and crafting proposals.

Web Development =/= Business Development.

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