Rejected after getting an offer letter


Recently I applied for front-end developer job in India. I got a mail regarding telephonic interview from the recruiter. Done with that it was quite good and I was informed that I will receive a task If shortlisted. Next day I receive a task I completed and shared the link within issued deadline.

Next, the recruiter wanted to meet in person so I went to meet them. It was not a kind of serious interview. They just wanted to know expected salary and joining period. And interviewer stated their organization requires the honest employee. I told X amount as my expected salary and joining date as 30 days from getting an offer letter from them.

After few days, they offered me X amount as CTC and stating if its ok they will provide me offer letter and they needed me to join immediately. I said ok for both salary and joining them immediately (2 to 3 days) and asked them to mention the few points in an offer letter Benefits and CTC breakup. They emailed me an offer letter. I read it carefully and after a while, I asked them to mention CTC breakup as it was not mentioned and there was a huge mistake in CTC amount. It was mentioned CTC as XX.XXX and it should have been XX,XXX.

Next day, I received an email that they have canceled my offer letter. They will notify if there is a future opening and also stated that they need immediate joining and I just asked them for 2 to 3 day. They can’t even manage that.

I don’t know where things went wrong I was polite and asked them genuine question without having the sense of demanding from them.


Things went wrong on their end, not yours. You were right to refuse to sign an offer letter that had the incorrect salary listed. Starting in a couple days is “immediate”. I don’t know what kind of a mess things are in that office, but it sounds like you may have dodged a bullet not working for them.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Hopefully having received one offer (even if it was messed up) will help give you more confidence in future interviews.


That is a real disheartening story, can I ask where this job was? This was all on them, your asks were totally reasonable, and they are just not a company you want to work for.

From Dave Ramsey’s point of view “They are just too stupid to work for”.

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Who knows? You didn’t do anything wrong.

But he’s just the recruiter. Probably the company found another hire, or changed their mind on the job opening, and informed the recruiter? who knows? You were not really dealing with the company directly.

Forget about it and move on…

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Company was based in Portugal and were hiring for office in India