Job searching - resume keyword and ATS score issue

Hello everyone

I want to share my conclusion during the job searching process, especially about the first phase Resume review but I don’t know Is it true or it’s different from reality. kindly share your experiences and opinions about this.

As a Remote FullStack Developer, I realized that when I apply for a job, I must send my resume and cover letter (it’s obvious right!), and then the company checks it to see Is this applicant fits this position or not BUT they do this using text processors (ATS software) because especially in the fully remote positions always there going to be lots of applicants who applied to the position and they can’t check all of them one by one then first they use ATS software to sort the most relevant resume from top to bottom then decide what to do (most applicants fail in this phase).

To pass the ATS software the applicant should use keywords and templates to fit the job description (each job description is different from others of course) and this makes the Job searching so hard and slow (because you have to customize the resume every time you want to apply)

To solve this problem there are online apps that help you to target your resume with each job ad (using AI) but almost all of them aren’t free (It means you have to pay)

Now my question is: Do you know a way to pass the ATS without spending?

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Just make sure that your resume highlights the experience and skills that are in the job description. There is no reason to have an LLM do this for you or pay for it.

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