Js course fcc up to obj, loops, recursion

Everything was easy to understand until had look up the solution for the last line of code for counting cards, understanding obj and for loop and other loops are easy but end up needing to solve half the projects for them and when I get to recursion it’s hard to understand and the last two projects like countdown and number lost didn’t understand. I know it’s not learning to copy paste solutions but I can’t understand the projects themselves or at least half the problem.

You might want to take a break and figure out what it is you are not understanding , programming language is complex and not easy, you start out fine but your going to hit roadblocks. What I started doing is completing one insutruction at a time running the code editor to see if any check marks come up then on to the next and so on. After that I study what I just did in relation to the task. Good luck

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You should ask for help with the challenges you do not understand. Posting your code and asking for help is a lot more useful than just looking at the solutions.

Can’t really give you any advice as you have asked about a bunch of different challenges and we do not know what specifically you had trouble with.

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