Json code snippet error

I’m having a problem getting a html code snippet to work. I found this full boilerplate a smashing magazine and I put it into a json file, but it’s throwing errors.

Here is the boiler plate code

Here is my snippet file in a repo so you can see what I did.

If you can find the problem and tell me why it’s throwing the error I’ll be thankful.

That json is valid.
It works just fine.

tested with josephshambrook/emmet-playground - CodeSandbox

I think is that you don’t use just the value as string in emmet.
You need to use this without !!! or the string quotes in your emmet editor:

{<!DOCTYPE html>}+html[lang=${1}${lang}].no-js>{<!-- TODO: Check lang attribute --> }+(head>meta:utf+meta:vp+{}+title{${1:🛑 Change me}}+{}+(script[type=\"module\"]>{document.documentElement.classList.replace('no-js', 'js');})+{}+link:css+link:print+{}+meta[property=\"og:title\"][content=\"${1:🛑 Change me}\"]+meta[name=\"description\"][content=\"${2:🛑 Change me (up to ~155 characters)}\"]+meta[property=\"og:description\"][content=\"${2:🛑 Change me (up to ~155 characters)}\"]+meta[property=\"og:image\"][content=\"${1:https://}\"]+meta[property=\"og:locale\"][content=\"${1:en_GB}\"]+meta[property=\"og:type\"][content=\"${1:website}\"]+meta[name=\"twitter:card\"][content=\"${1:summary_large_image}\"]+meta[property=\"og:url\"][content=\"${1:https://}\"]+{<!-- TODO: Change social media stuff --> }+{}+link[rel=\"canonical\"][href=\"${1:https://}\"]+{<!-- TODO: Change canonical link --> }+{}+link[rel=\"icon\"][href=\"${1:/favicon.ico}\"]+link[rel=\"icon\"][href=\"${1:/favicon.svg}\"][type=\"image/svg+xml\"]+link[rel=\"apple-touch-icon\"][href=\"${1:/apple-touch-icon.png}\"]+link[rel=\"manifest\"][href=\"${1:/my.webmanifest}\"]+{}+meta[name=\"theme-color\"][content=\"${2:#FF00FF}\"])+body>page+{}+script:src[type=\"module\"]

The conclusion is that emmet can read and create html from emmet syntax not from JSON.

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