Just a little bit confused

I have gone through the freecodecamp track for javascript and used some other resources aswell and I feel I have a fairly basic grasp of the fundamentals and I am ready to try and tackle the first of the ziplines. My only problem is, although I know what the concepts are (loops, arrays, strings etc etc) I am unsure how to get my javascript to interact with my html/css. For instance, I wouldn’t know how to get my javascript array to write to my html file and have it appear on screen in the browser(for instance, placing the array inside of a div). Can anyone give me a pointer as to where I can go and research this?

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I will go through eloquent javascript over the next few days then. I think I would prefer to learn the fundamentals of the DOM with standard javascript and then possibly move onto using Jquery after I have a solid understanding. I actually own Javascript and Jquery but I find I learn a lot better when actually at the pc rather than reading. Eloquent has challenges as you go along so it might be more suited for me.

Jquery is probably your best bet. You can start manipulating after about 10 minutes of learning.

I need to get back to reading that!
I want to learn javascript more. Maybe make games with it.
Working on the weather project right now thou.