Just a thought about making walk-through video on course

Will there be any legal issues if I want to make walk-through guiding video on freeCodeCamp or codecademy courses on youtube in anytime in distant future. I was thinking of doing it as it would revise my lessons and would force me to study more for deeper understanding on each topics while making video. How can I do it without any issues?

codecademy has a paywall, so they may not be happy if you do that

freecodecamp instead has already many walkthroughs (check the freecodecamp youtube channel)

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Dear ieahleen,
Thanks for your reply.

For me, personally, this doesn’t answer the question. Is there any legal issue with posting one’s own walkthrough video?

if you want to get answers about legal issues usually you would write directly to the staff. the help forum for big projects has other users answering questions

anyway, it’s open source material