Just finished learning basic Javascript. Should I take a pause before going on to ES6?

I just finished learning basic Javascript. I guess I did OK. But I am thinking that I should hit the pause button before moving on to ES6. I want review and do the projects again without looking at hints and help. Are there any other projects I can do that use “basic Javascript functions” only to get me more practice so that I can continue mutating my brain into a programming brain?

Did you complete the FCC Javascript course? That covers many of the new features introduced in ES6.

I wouldn’t wait. In my opinion, the faster you can move away from the initial imperative programming taught to using more declarative and functional programming the better.

There are code kata sites you can look at (like Codewars). Or you can do more practical projects using HTML/CSS/JS.

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I will just review things for about a week or two and then move on. thanks.

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