Just finished my first certification

Hi there,
After many hours of struggling I finished the scientific computing with python certification. Both the lessons and the projects are listed as done. Should there be an official certificate now that I’m finished or is there another step I need to take?

I doing this to work towards a job so a certificate could help boost my prospects.

Thanks a lot!

Your first certificate is Scientific Computing with Python? Holy Moly :open_mouth: Congratulation!

I guess you already have experience in some field.

More certificate, more plus point I guess.

Thanks! Is that something special? I just started at the first python certificate. I’ve taken some coding classes but never on a sustained or advanced basis. I will say there was loads of googling for gaps in knowledge so that really helped

A special one, cause my first certificate is just a Responsive Web.

Never tried Python before cause they said it’s for data science.

I’m focusing myself on Frontend, Backend if I manage.