Just finished my Product Landing Page

Hi, I would love to hear as much critics as possible to improve myself! :slight_smile:

Iโ€™d also like to ask how to make my nav bar responsive. Thank you!

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FIRST: An Article on Responsive NavBar Design:

The page is looking good. Iโ€™ll review it Later today. I saw you perfected your Media Queries. You may want to write another one at 320px, because your divs are still breaking at very, very small widths.

Screenshot 2022-03-26 5.36.35 AM

A good article about Media Queries:

And, maybe Host the LOGO somewhere online, so it show up in the page:

Screenshot 2022-03-26 5.36.44 AM

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I really like retro style of the page! Good job on that!


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