Need help on my Product landing page

hi guys, can you help me make my web page a little bit more responsive

I’ll see if I can help.

  1. When your page width is 600px or less, the three pricing boxes act weirdly. If you are switching display from flex to grid with a media query, make sure to handle the other properties associated
    with flex (justify-content, align-items etc).

  2. When you page width is less than 770px, your nav bar moves and as the width shrinks more, some of your effects become less appropriate. Maybe redesign your nav bar so that you get a grid of links, making your logo disappear on small widths if you need room. There is a limit to how responsive you can make your navbar without using Javascript.

I think these are the two main responsive design issues.

On another issue, all of your paragraphs could do with some white space on both sides. It doesn’t look great with the text going to the edge of the document. The video doesn’t work either.

I hope this helps.

maybe you could use the overflow css command. that will do it better.