Just finished Technical documentation

just finished my technical documentation, any advice/opinions on it would be helpful


Cool! Consider

giving more space between headers and texts.
Don’t make your texts stretched out. Condense them for better readability.


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Fix your title to be more professional. Currently its ‘Untitled’

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thanks for the tip ill do that rn:+1:t5::+1:t5:

Your document should be responsive. A scroll bar shows up on the X axis when I shrink the screen beneath 600px. Down at even smaller sizes I have to scroll it over and everything layers over your navigation. You might want to think about how you can handle the menu at smaller sizes to avoid this problem. Media Queries can do wonderful things in instances like this. Keep in mind that you have CSS Grid and FlexBox at your disposal which helps eliminate the need to be as much of a wizard as we need to be with CSS just for things to position and flow as we’d like them to.

The project is fairly minimal too, which isn’t really a bad thing and for this project in particular I imagine it’s a little difficult for people to figure out what to teach and how to organize it and convey it. But overall if you do the bare minimum to pass, you’re ultimately depriving yourself of the opportunity to see how your methods and understandings of things actually work out in something substantial. If you get into the habit of doing things in a way that’s minimal, quick and simple in regards to the amount of content present on the page, it’s going to throw you for a loop when you get a massive project with thousands of things and you discover your “normal way” of doing it isn’t adequate or organized enough to effectively handle all that needs to be processed. So I’d say try to give yourself a little more to do so you can walk into those things within yourself and have those “aha” moments that makes other things make sense that you’ve read but don’t know the value of yet because you’ve never had a purpose for applying them.

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Check the user stories. You need to make the page responsive and have the navbar change position.

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Just read all of that and i must say, you’ve literally just changed my mentality on how im going to go about cresting my websites. Im kind of familiar with css flex box but not with css grid and media queries. Ill revise on them when i grt the time tomorrow and go over my webpage again and update you with the changes ive made.

Ill defo make the changes once i get onto it.

Thank you for the advice :+1:t4: