Just finished the "Intermediate Algorithms scripting" section

Hello there,

I just finished the (JS) Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section and it feels great because I have spent several weeks working on that. Some exercises were harder than others. At one point the longest I lasted with one of the exercises is about a week. But, finally it is all done and I thank the members of the forum that gave me their feedback when I asked for help.

So, what are your advice or recommendation before to start with the Projects section?

Thank you all in advance!

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Hi @blad90 !

Congrats on finishing the intermediate algorithms! :grinning:
That’s a tough section.

For the projects, break them down into small manageable pieces.
Tackle one issue at a time.

If you get stuck, then come to the forum.


Hi @blad90

Congrats on finishing Intermediate Algorithms scripting.

I just wish that I will get through soon with this without a spoiler tag

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You will. Just be persistent. :raised_hands:

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