Just finished the survey page. Want to give me some feedback?

I have just finished playing around to make a sample survey page.
I’d love to hear what you all think :smiley:


Dear Joel,

Just checked your work, I like the design, so cool! but remember as animated stuffs are so cool, but they eat up some battery too, so for mobile devices this might not be so much system friendly.

Well about your layout, it looks responsive very good. Just found some very small issues.

First You had some hacky way as overflow-x: hidden; to hide the overlapped elements, and hide the scroll, I think it’s a smart move, but before you go for the animation stuff, always check if layout is responsive, then add this.

Next thing is about your survey-card css rule, you set width as 60%, and min-width as 250px, but I suggest you remove both of them and come something like max-width:7in.

All input elements come with associated label tag, very good.

All text fields, and textarea come with palceholder, very good.

I would suggest you add one disabled and default option for the combobox to act like placeholder-like. something like as “–please select–”

Another suggestion i have is override the default body margin value(which is 8px) and let your form fit with screen in mobile. But current state is great already.

I really liked this work, well done. really good.

Keep going on great work Joel, happy programming.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback.

I will play around with my survey tomorrow and test some of the suggestions.

Also, you are a life saver by reminding me of the 8px body margin. I am aware of it but I sometimes forget to override it especially when I am making anything with a floating form.

Thanks again! And happy coding :slight_smile: