Kathmandu Introduce yourself to the study group here

Namaste :pray: all, I am Milap Neupane and I am a software engineer who loves solving problems, learning, and experimenting things. I have been working with Ruby, Go, AWS, Containers, and more. I love writing blogs as well you can read my blogs in FreeCodeCamp news https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/author/milapneupane/
Let’s get to know each other better here. Give a short introduction to yourself :slight_smile:

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Hey Milan and everyone here from Kathmandu FCC group. I’m Saugat Khadka. I’m software engineer working in NodeJS and learning Ruby. I mostly like to read, collect and organize any interesting information. Related or otherwise. hehe.
Hope everyone has an awesome learning. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the group @SaugatKhadka. Happy learning :camping:

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my name is papi …i came here for help and search for ho is going to teach me more from scratch on programming and software apps

we can chat personally on whatsapp too…thanks

Hi @papibanks , you can get started in FreeCodeCamp curriculum here https://learn.freecodecamp.org/ . If you are completely new to programming start from the first. You will able to earn certificates after the course completion. If you face any issue there you can use the forum here to ask questions. We are always here to help you. We will also have a meetup organized soon where we can meet in person, learn and help each other. Thank you.

Hi everyone! I’m Aashish! I’m a software engineer primarily working with React and NodeJS. I enjoy coding as well as graphic designing. I use git for my code, medium for my blogs, dribbble for my art and mo:mo for my hunger.

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Hi All of you, My name is Rajesh, Front End Developer from India.

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Hi I am Anisha from Kathmandu as well. I am new in coding world. I was wondering did u guys attend any coding bootcamp. If not, how did you guy start coding?

Welcome @atuladhar48 @acesmndr @Rajesh-UIDev.
@atuladhar48 We will soon be having a meetup. Stay tuned to this group, or follow me at twitter https://twitter.com/_milap for upcoming meetups update.

Hello friends I am new to programming.I am from hetauda.My name is Sandesh Koirala.Just have a query.Which books are best for coding microcircuits?Which books you guys recommend to understand the hardware programming and programming in general?Thank You in Advance.My Twitter handle.https://twitter.com/sandeshkoirala7]