Keyboard problems in virtual machine

I don’t know if other people encounter this but it’s driving me nuts. Almost one in three times the virtual machine command line does weird things to what I type.
You can clearly see in the code how I typed the sql code. (specifically the comma) and yet the command line throws up an error saying I haven’t used a comma.

It’s taking away a lot of my time to just fixing the code I type every second time and it’s making me wanna stop learning on freecodecamp all together. Luckily the other courses don’t have the same problem. I guess there’s some kind of problem with the connection of the virtual machine.

okay, now we’re getting somewhere. It happens when I use my backspace key without counting how many characters I went back. So it seems the virtual machine doesn’t stop at the same point as my pointer on my screen stops.
I would like to keep this thread open until I’m certain it’s a bug on multiple machines and not only mine.