Landed a paid internship and got promoted in 6 months

Hey, I landed a paid internship through Reddit. The duration of the internship was 12 months but I got promoted to full-time software engineer in 6 months.

It’s been a cool journey. I had the opportunity of working with biotech companies and IOT projects. I have also had the opportunity to assist seniors in intern interviews and conduct them on my own as well.

I have learned quite a lot and I am planning to write an article later. However, right now I am here to answer questions if you have any!

You can check this out and follow if you like. I have done the Google FooBar challenge as well as other cool stuff that I will be writing about.


Congratulations on your job!

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That’s awesome! How much did you know when you applied and landed the internship? Like what languages and at what proficiency of each? I want to get an idea of when I should be ready to start applying as well! Thanks!

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The first idea was to seek internship in a non-tech reddit. As tech-reddits are probably filled with this.

I just posted with the hopes of finding internships or getting know people in the programming community.

I was fairly good with Javascript at this point, and I knew Python, PHP. MongoDB and mogoose. But I was not an a super expert in anything but I knew my things.

I knew OOP concepts and other paradigms.

The main thing that gave me the edge was Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge. That is not difficult to gain, downloaded a book from MIT and did a couple chapters.

Other than that I knew how to sell myself really well. I spoke very confidently and was able to turn the interview into a conversation.

I think the best thing you can do is gain some DS&A knowledge and become an expert at something.

To get an internship you don’t need to be crazy good at everything. Most things you really learn during the period. Make sure they know you know your stuff, you’re smart and are interested in solving problems. I immediately got started with things that were outside of what I knew anyways. Like, I knew react but I had to work with Angular. I knew PHP, Python, JS but I had to do Java, Typescript and R.

Final note, don’t wait till you become an expert.

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My name is Vikas. I am looking for a job in software development field as a ‘fresher’. I do not know where to post my resume or how to approach employers for offering me internships in their companies. I have some amount of knowledge in programming languages like C++, Java, C#.NET, Python etc, but, I do not know how to build a project from them and put the project details in my resume when applying to developer jobs in tech companies.

Can you pls help me with this?

Hey Vikas. You need to build stuff with the languages you learn. It’s not about knowing a lot of languages. Master one and the rest will be easy to learn.

Build projects on your own and gain DSA and problem solving skills. This is only possible by practice much more like mathematics.

Read the article I attached on the question and it may help you.

Btw in the interview no one asked me how many languages I know. I have need seen this being asked as well.

I have been searching for this question. When you say math what type of advice would you say I read or do? I am behind in math, not my fault. So does that I mean I need to like to a bunch of classes or textbooks, or is there a book for advice on quickly learning advanced math for coders?

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Yeah, a lot of people have mathematically “gone off track” and yes it’s not their fault. The school system almost made me quit math myself.

The subject is so artistic and paring it with CS, there are so many beautiful things you can do.

I will suggest going ahead with “College algebra” lecture on FCC channel and using OpenStax to learn a little more of math.

I have created a website:

for this exact reason. To give a “freecodecamp” and “cs50” style of introduction to mathematical topics and exercises.

When you do mathematics make sure to do the exercises as well as appreciate and understand topics. The toughness of it will make you a better problem solver.

And you will use what you learn too.

Regardless of all that, you don’t need it to pass a coding interview but the knowledge will give you an upper hand in life. Take it as a journey and do at least an hour per day maybe.

k cool thank you. I will check it out tomorrow when I wake up. Oh and yes lol I already have started with openstax for my free college site credits for free textbooks.

Hello sir. I was wondering something while I learn daily on coding. I am enjoying this and seeing things that I notice while I practice on FCC lessons. I am a new person exploring a lot of tech learning. I was wondering since I am like that and notice things in that way. Is FCC interested in any part-time volunteer help in that way. I just sent another git bug report and was able to figure out that I was creating it not the code itself. I had my battery saver mode on. I just was wondering if they would like a person who could help people once in a while in this kind of mistakes. If not understood, just thought I would ask what you suggest even in later life?

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