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Hello everyone,

Here’s my landing page: link

I was in the Halloween spirit. How does it look? I find design to be tricky.

Nice job! Your page is well structured and I really like the icons. One small thing: I’d consider making the “How to carve a pumpkin” heading as big as the headings of your other sections.

And yeah, design can be tricky! One of my recent projects took me way too long because I was only working with an idea instead of a design draft. Next time I’m planning to pick a design I can simply copy. (I’m not talking about the code itself, obviously.) There are sites like Frontend Mentor that give you exactly that: (free) designs with some guidelines. I can also recommend Coolors, a site where you can find/create really beautiful color palettes. I find it really helpful to have a color scheme I can start with. :grinning:

I reviewed your page on my cellphone. It needs a bit of work there. For eg.

The menu is not clearly displayed because of the pumpkin picture. There are some other things similar to this where the layout needs to be fixed for phones (using a media rule if you know how to use these).
Another example is the video which has a very thin width on the phone.

I liked that your navigation travelled down with me as I scrolled the page, and the links there worked very well.

Thanks for looking. I messed with the header margin so I think it works for smaller screens. I tweaked the other stuff too but the iframe is still kinda thin on mobile.

Thanks! I’m definitely gonna look at that site.

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