Last test (portfolio) - big doubts

I’ve managed to finish all html/css challenges and pass 4 out of 5 test (survey form, technical list etc) and now there is Personal Portfolio test in front of me and I feel like I don’t know anything lol!

I looked up the code at:

and half of it I don’t understand where it came from.

<span class="code">&lt;</span>
        JavaScript Calculator
        <span class="code">&#47;&gt;</span>

What are those pink characters in the code above? - what’s the function of those characters? Where did it come from? Why? I am gavng troubles with project-tile property. I don’t know how to use it. I can put navbar on top. Make thumbnails of my codepen projects as links, center it etc. But I am not able to make it so advanced.

Do you think I should just do it like “try, fail, improve and repeat” or are there some more challenges that will prepare my for that Porfolio test?
All past test took me 2-3 hours top and this one will take days I guess lol
Any advice is very welcomed

Hello there.
I assume you mean &lt;, &gt; and &#47;. Those are ‘HTML Entities’. Some characters have a special purpose in HTML.

The 3 entities from above represent these 3 symbols in order: < (less than), > (greater than), / (forward slash) When you want to use those characters inside some <p> , <h1> and so on, the browser will most likely get confused, because it will assume you want to create some HTML tag(remember, all HTML tags use < and >, and most of them use / for the closing tag).

So, those entities are basically a way to represent special symbols without the browser getting confused. There are more entities besides those 3, you can look them up.
Now, 'project-tile' is supposed to be a class that every tile/thumbnail in the project list has. Nothing too special.

Don’t get discouraged. Projects are the thing that make you grow the most, it is fine to feel a little bit overwhelmed. Do all the bits that you can and do some research on the bits you can’t figure out, or ask for help if you get really stuck.
You can do this :muscle:
Hope this helped.

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