Latest Portfolio Version-Please Review

Greetings everyone,

I have just updated my portfolio based upon previous suggestions from the FCC community. Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Portfolio Link

Hi @GreatDeveloper66 I’ve got a couple of suggestions

  • I would switch the about and the project sections, also as you have a domain use it in heroku it looks more professional than

  • I would change the image of project under construction, you can’t read the project titles very well

  • And also at the end put “your name portafolio”

  • And finally don’t rate the languages as most developers don’t do that.

-Don’t rate your skills, let the employers do that
-Change the font and adjust the font-size
-Improve the navbar, preferably putting it on top of the page
-Adjust the color so that it contrasts well with one another
-Make the welcome section take up 100vh

Overall, just needs work on the color choice and font size. You might want to consider using google fonts and a color picker to help out.

Best of luck