Personal Portfolio - Feedback Needed

Hello Campers,

I’ve just finished redoing my Portfolio because I wasn’t satisfied with the one I did for one of FCC projects.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Agoreal’s site


I am sorry my site’s language is Chinese, because I come from China.
I’m very glad to study code with Campers! :slight_smile:

Nice portfolio, it’s slim :slight_smile: Few things I would change,

  • On mobile views, give some space between your buttons and gifs. Currently they stick together.
  • Try aligning horizontally your icons under skill stack.

Well done.

You play dota2? I used to hit over 5k mmr and played with pros before lol.

Thank your suggests very much, I will improve it according to your advice.

Yes, I play DotA2! My mmr is 4.8k, I like to play Invoker!!! :slight_smile:

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hey man you project looks so cool specially the slow scrolling effect how you did that amazing , i love it man

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

just configure your html element in CSS


thanks man i will try it you are awesome and it’s work so awesomely

Hey man, it looks very nice! I love it!

My opinion is to:

  1. Add a noscript message to your website for those that do not use Javascript.
  2. Increase the size of the icons at the very bottom of the page and give them spacing.
  3. Make a way to swap Chinese and English and English to Chinese?