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The course is not starting. On starting up the course, when I click on the RUN WITH CODEALLY button. Nothing happens. The course never starts.

Hi, check these steps to troubleshoot this issue.

I’m having the same problem as described above since yesterday. The “Run With CodeAlly”, green colored button, registers a click but just flashes and never starts the loading process.

I’m having the same problem. When I click Run with CodeAlley, the screen changes for less than a second. During that time I can see that there is a circle spinning by “Checking permissions”–the first item in the list of steps. I am assuming that something is failing at that point.

I have 3rd party cookies enabled in Chrome (I switched from using Firefox yesterday, when I was having the same problem). I am pretty sure I have followed the instructions correctly: I set up a GitHub account (and it logs me in the first time I try to run the course. I have gone back to the instructions and repeated steps 4 -7 as instructed. GitHub did initially ask if I wanted to grant permissions to CodeAlly, and I said “yes.” I am NOT running a VPN, and I have gone through the troubleshooting steps. Also, no container shows up in CodeAlly for me to delete–it says I don’t have any projects there yet (or whatever terminology it uses). I’ve also tried refreshing the page and reloading the frame as some have suggested when the “Run with CodeAlly” button doesn’t work.

So I’m at a loss… maybe I’ll try another browser or maybe it’s a temporary problem.