Learn CSS colors step 4 is not working. What might be the issue even after nesting the meta inside the head with the correct charset?

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Do you have both html tags ? Open and close?

Everything is set but still do not know where the problem might be :frowning_face:

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Ok. There has been bugs found lately. That might be it might not. So let’s see if it is your settings. 1-check your internet browser for blocking pop ups and security for freecodecamp.org. do you know how to see that?

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Do allowing notifications mean that I have allowed pop-ups and security for freecodecamp.org?

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Click on site settings

Yes your using Chrome so go to there settings for that.

Do you have any extensions like dark mode or ad blocker? If you have, disable them as they may interfere with your code.

Yes, I am using Dark Reader Mode extension. Let me disable it then and see if it will work

@mrfantasticllc and @NikhilReddyManda . Thank you very much for the help :pray:. I have just disabled Dark Reader and the code has passed :white_check_mark:

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Thanks @lewisOmbaka :sparkles:

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You might still be able to use dark mode, from freecodecamp. I use it on explorer. So go to the right of your page on your profile. click on dark mode and see again test it.it is on the menu page

@mrfantasticllc I have just managed to do that, receive my honest and sincere appreciations for the help you have provided

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