Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - step 23

So step 23 seems to be bugged. Is anyone else experiencing this? It is not showing the step info nor the submit button. I am not able to finish this lesson due to this issue?

I was able to go to the next step and finish it but this lesson remain incomplete.

Hello and welcome to the community :smiley:!
I am sorry to hear that step 23 is not working for you. By me its working fine. Maybe try resetting the step or recompleting the previous one. Hope this helps.

If issues like this crop up, often a hard refresh of the page (CTRL+F5) sorts it out.

I cannot reset the step because the instruction window does not appear. I have done the previous step and the one after it.

Well I am on a chromebook. We don’t have those keys lol.

Simply hold down the Ctrl key and click on reload lol.

Nope. Still nothing lol. Thanks anyways.

Sorry about that. You can try changing browsers or disabling any ad blockers you have if your still facing this issue.

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