Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 2 - Build a Student Database: Part 2

How to rename the student.sql file?

I have completed this project and uploaded in my github repository.

Since there is no checkmark in the curriculum page, I moved the completed project files to Github repository that stored the files for Part 1 Student Database but nothing happen too.

Then, I accidentally deleted the repository for the Student Database Part 2. However, I have restored the file which will take around 1 hour to be displayed publicly.

If I rename the students.sql file to avoid duplication, do I make the changes in the VMS CodeAlley or just rename it in Github?

If the student.sql is renamed in Github, will it cause the codes for both students.sql and the student_info.sh files not function properly?


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Challenge: Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 2 - Build a Student Database: Part 2

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I am having a hard time understanding what you did or why. But in any case, just create a different repository for your course and that way you don’t have to worry about names of files being the same in different courses.

A friend of mine faced the same problem, and I will say that the simplest solution, and probably the most correct one, is to create a new repository. Because I once, like you, accidentally deleted my file, but when I restored it, student share information was lost, namely the student’s group, grade number, contact details (phone number and email). In short, the recovery process was very complicated, so don’t bother and just create a new repository, it will be easier.

I figured out how to resolve the problem. Thanks