Learning java or kotlin after javascript?

Like the question, I’ve been doing javascript 2 years now will I have any benefits from js learning kotlin or java?
I’m very interested in making native apps and me kind of know some ways to read javascript in kotlin etx
Is it worth it? and how long will it take?

Hard to give advice when we don’t know what your goals are. Do YOU know what your goals are? Why do you want to learn? Are you interested in developing, publishing and marketing your own app that will be useful to people?? Do you wanna just tinker and have fun with this in your spare time? Are you dreaming of breaking into the industry and getting a job as a SWE specialized in android app development?? :stuck_out_tongue: Our answer to your questions will depend on your answers to these questions.

How is your knowledge of JS frameworks? Writing vanilla javascript for 2 years can drive a person to madness. Since you are already familiar with JS why not try JS frameworks and try something like react native first? That will allow you to dabble in the development of mobile applications while having an easier learning curve than going for something like Java, which will require substantially more effort.

Umm, I’m a bit late in reply, however, I don’t know what to answer…
I tried to fill in 2 years coding in an application lately, and I was given a real hard test how to split strings back and forth basically a string containing a number and + - * / and another number like real hard math test to convert it and filter the results in arrays and such, I gave up on that, uum I know a lot of angular 6 but no react, Kotlin and Java seem pretty hard all around but I just would like to make apps native, I tried some Ionic, and exported apps to android studio, so I have been trying a bit of everything.
l cheers and happy coding!

Why not React Native or Flutter with Dart ?