Android(Java) or Javascript based technologies(Angular etc) , which is better?


I recently got a call asking me if i can work on android apps, i informed them that i can work on javascript based technologies , i was just curious whether there is more scope in Android or javascript based technologies like Angular …

I am currently preparing for Angular but i have some experience in Java as i made my MCA final year project in JAVA …

Can any one please guide me as to which path will be better Android Or Angular …


Angular is for web apps, ideally form-heavy ones (and dashboards are the sweet spot). It’s quite Java-ish so if you’re already familiar with Java that’s helpful. It’s used a lot in enterprise.

Programming for Android could mean a lot, doesn’t really overlap with Angular (Angular isn’t really for mobile apps). Primarily Java (or Kotlin) though, so your experience comes into play as you say.

Probably more scope in Android, as that’s an OS used by a large % of the world’s mobile devices, whereas Angular is just one JS framework with a fairly specific usecase. But it depends upon what you want to do; learning JS is always useful as it’s the most widely available programming language.


@DanCouper - Yes i will complete the Javascript Track with angular and nodejs and ionic , but its just that people have been asking me if i can work on a pure mobile platform makes me wonder …

Just as per your suggestions , what you think , Javascript will be relevant for next 2-3 years ?


Unless the web ceases to exist in the next year I guess so

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If you :heart:️ javascript and don’t want to leave it.
Learn ReactJS and then React-Native.
You can develop native mobile apps for Android and IOS using React Native.

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@Username-anuj - thanks that is useful info i did not know that , and yes i do not want to leave JS i have being trying to learn it and gone through JS, NODE , TypeScript and MEAN tutorials, i guess one cannot work on all technologies at a time … so i will stick will JS … thanks again