Learning structure for a JAVA developer to be full stack developer to have an overall skill to deveop products

Hi, I am interested in building products. But I have not dived deep in java but my in my resume I have stated as a JAVA developer. I want to work as a full stack developer. But before that should I have a good grasp of JAVA and its framework? I don’t know what to focus on. I want the skills of a full stack developer so that I can build projects but fear that I will delay my learning in JAVA if I focus too much on JS and frontend technologies. How do I proceed to learn which gives me the skills to build products in the 1-year timeline? Amy suggestions appreciated

Lots of buzzwords there.
The job of any coder is to use data (maybe sent or received), process it and return the result back to the user.
Is this what you mean by “products”?

Well, first i would advise you to learn Java, build something with it and then write in your resume that you build a “x” app in Java.

What’s your level in Java? Can you build a simple calculator? Or a simple OOP app?

If you have that timeline and you want to be a Java dev, rather than a JS (front and back) dev, then i would advise you to get a book in Java or take a look at udemy for some courses. Focus in core Java, get your algorithms in check, work your data structures and after that you need to build some projects with what you learned.

Next, you will need to learn a Java framework, Spring is more common. This is, normally, the path that Java devs take. You need to have a good grasp in core java before you learn a framework. But keep in mind that you need to have basic understanding and be able to build simple web pages with HTML, CSS and JS if you want to be a web developer.

Don’t aim to become a top grade A+ in the fullstack (front and back), a lot of devs focus more in one aspect but are capable to do the other.

Good luck :wink:

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