Learning to code while holding down full-time job?

Hey all, first-time poster. I knew some code in high-school (nothing huge, just enough to build a calculator in Java as a school project), but decided to go the health-care route, and have been working as a pharmacist for 3 years. Last last year, feeling pretty burnt out and jaded from my current work, I tried picking up programming again, this time trying to learn python, but after 2-3 weeks, I hit a brick wall: the basics came pretty easy, but past a certain point, it became harder to remember all the ‘formats’ and ‘techniques’ of code and whatnot. I assume that those who went to school for computer science, or went to bootcamp, probably coded for hours a day, and through structured learning and repetition, memorized much of the essentials. But for those who opted for the self-taught route, especially while working full-time, how did you do it? Roughly how much time a day would you devote to programming? What resources did you utilize? Did the memorization come from brute repetition of writing different variations of the same program(s)?

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Being a self taught programer ,Biefly, the time will depend on what you want.

By my experience, when you cannot find solutions for a problem you ll be tempted to give up. You ll probably said to yourself that programming is not for you, that its better to be concentered to your actual job rather than doing something you re not called for.
Writing different variations could help but me I used to go to a higher level of difficulty because in this case you ll inevitably face to code you ll already done.
When i started , i had algorithm problem to resove, such as sort algorithm… I remenber having spent 3 days trying to resolve insertion sort by myself by just reading its definition.
My persistence allowed me to understand basic concepts, and I gave a goal, become a fullstak developer.
So from september 2018 to today I learn a lot, on freecodecamp obviously, then had some coursera courses and I used to use MDN web docs …
And Il be hired soon

I am currently a full-time Kinder teacher so, I come home every day pretty drained and exhausted, with not much more to output. However, I find that routine and a set schedule helped me the most. For example, Monday is a day I run home so, I usually don’t have much time to practice, but I either do 30m-1hr of FCC or 30m of Dribble browsing and 30m of art or writing. However, on Tuesday my friend takes me home so, I can devote 2-4hrs to FCC, but I still break this up so I don’t get burnt out or overwhelmed!

I am on my third try and I truly believe this is the one that will stick. I also write notes while doing projects to help me keep things in order. As well, don’t forget to pause and just soak it all in. You’re learning a WHOLE LOT of new things and that you’ve never learned before. Try just reading articles having to do with Python, or finding memes- do you understand them? are you feeling a bit better?
It’s okay to not know it all! Take a few steps back and try again.

I’ve only been doing FCC for a week or two now but was trying C# and unity before. I’ve always felt I remembered things better when I write them down and there are studies to show that this is true and why, so I take a lot of notes and use masking tape to make tabs in my notebooks for different subjects. I work full time 6a to 4p Mon - Thurs and I’m raising my two daughters, 4 and 5, as a single father. Usually after they go to bed I get at least 2 hours from 8 to 10 on Sun - Wed night. Thur - Sat it’s 8p until I can’t hold my eyes open. I’m nowhere near completing FCC or being hire-able but I’m trying to stay consistent and do something everyday cause that was the advice I was given to be consistent and code everyday.

I know it’s difficult but try to think treat it as a treat not a must do every single day. Instead, do something fun. Allow yourself to screw up and take a highly rated udemy course while you create your dream app.

Because you’re looking for a career change, the most important thing to do is to take the time to be patient. Ignore ALL the overnight miracles on the finding a job forum. It can take years especially for someone who’s only doing this part time.

How’s it going. I’ve been learning to code for about 3 years now off and on. I started with Gamemaker studio and moved on to unity recently. I’ve quit C# a few times but this time its sticking. I still have a ways to go but I can actually understand whats going on. I drive full time as a long haul truck driver and typically drive anywhere from 500 to 600 miles a day. By the time I stop I’m ready for bed but I try to at least do about 15 to 30 mins of coding. Other days like tonight I go a lot longer. Try to push yourself to do at least 1 or 2 coding task a day. It doesn’t have to be something big, just do something. Happy coding!

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