Legacy course vs (New) Web design course?

I’m wondering if it has the same content or if it’s different? I ask because I don’t like the new web design course and how it’s laid out. I also don’t like that there’s no hint tab,ask for help tab and watch a video tab to explain things more. Legacy just seems more user friendly.

If there’s not much difference between the 2, I’m thinking of just sticking with the legacy course.


The new Responsive Web Design curriculum content has been released.


  1. Can I complete the old content?
  • Yes. The old content is still available, and has been renamed to Responsive Web Design Legacy
  1. What will happen to my progress?
  • Nothing. Your past progress will still be available in the Responsive Web Design Legacy curricula
  1. Can I claim the old certificate?
  • The certifications are exactly the same. All you need to claim a certificate is to complete the 5 Certification Projects which are identical for both the Responsive Web Design and Responsive Web Design Legacy curricula
  1. Should I stop doing the legacy content, and just start over with the new content?
  • This is entirely up to you. Majority of the topics are the same - just taught in a different way. (See Project-Based Curricula)
  1. What happened to the Ask for Help button?
  • It had some technical issues, but it is recently re-added. After a few failed attempts, the button will appear.
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