Legacy Vs New JS Course

Good morning, I hope you are doing well,

Now that the JS beta course is out, should I do that or continue on the legacy course? I barely started the legacy one but am somewhat time constricted (hoping to find work in a year) and seeing how the new beta course is much larger, doesn’t have support (can’t find hints), and may have bugs, I’m not sure if doing the beta course is a good idea. Thoughts?

one year is a really short time, but you can do whichever you want, the final projects are the same, and the certification you get at the end is the same. The new JS works much like the Responsive Web Design cert, with guided projects broken down in small steps. It has also some topics that were missing from the legacy JS cert.


Depends on how you would like to learn:

  • The new course is project-based. You will build small apps with it.

  • The old course is more like LeetCode or CodeWars, small coding tasks you have to solve with JavaScript.

Both have a steep learning curve:

  • The first project of the new course already introduces a ton of new syntax and things like creating objects, DOM-manipulation and random number generators. If you have never coded before, it can be quite challenging.

  • The old course doesn’t take you by the hand, just like in LeetCode you are expected to research and find the solution mostly on your own.

You can’t go wrong with neither. I prefer the new course, it’s more up to date and it’s more satisfying to build a functioning project than just to solve a code snippet.