Legacy work completed but not retained by FCC website - am I SOL on this?

I started FCC in May 2020 and last used my login in January 2023. I did all of the work for Responsive Web Design Certification with the exception of the final project and then began the JavaScript certification. When I go back to the legacy site, all of my work is gone. I would prefer not to have to do some of the course work a 2nd time and continue where I left off. Any ideas or advice? Can I still get certified through the legacy material?

HI @kurtnheiss !

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For the legacy RWD cert, you won’t be able to submit your projects there and claim the legacy cert.

but the projects are the same in the current RWD cert.
So if you did the first 4 projects, then you can copy your code into the new RWD certifications and submit it there.
Then you can complete the last project, submit it and claim the cert.
Only the 5 certification projects count for the certificate.
The rest are practice projects for learning and technically optional.

As for the JS cert, for now it looks like you can still submit the project under the legacy cert here

At least until the new JS curriculum comes out of beta.
Then it will probably change like the RWD cert where you can only claim the current one.

hope that helps