Let's create big real fullstack project together!

Hello guys, I’m a Junior Java developer, and I’ve been learning front end a little here, but my main interest is in the backend.

We could create a web app (I have few ideas, but I’m open for other project ideas). I can be responsible for backend (in java spring) also I have friends who can work with me on the backend.

The main idea is that we can learn a lot together, and create something really cool for portfolio, and for ourselves (FullStack app created with other people). And also to create an app that people will be using.

The only requirement is English so we can communicate. :slight_smile:.

If you are down to this or have any questions contact me here or email me at kaspazza@gmail.com

I have a little experience in creating and managing FullStack projects, so if it comes down to planning and putting it all into perspective and work I think it will go okay. Also, I want a project that everyone who wants can elaborate as much as it’s possible. So things like planning, choosing stack or picking project idea etc. will be done together.

can i join your guys

Sure, everyone is welcome I will create discord group for project if we will get enough of people