Let's just get rid of Gitter already

I would like to have a conversation about what you feel like when you goto Gitter and try to have a conversations.

I feel like it’s overwhelming for me. I would like to see if as a community which one do you prefer and why.

  • Gitter
  • Slack
  • Discord

For me - I like discord because it would be easy to have several voice channels for pair programming. The UI is awesome but the thing it’s lacking is threaded conversations but it’s still a lot better than gitter.


I like slack. I use it at work, and across dev languages, frameworks, groups. it works well. However it’s hard to keep working with the amount of users FCC has. They had to give it up.

Discord would get crazy and useless with more that few people.

gitter is…well, gitter. Chat rooms require typing and high reading skills to keep up.

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With the exception of specific rooms for subjects like contributing, FCC has moved away from Gitter in favor of this forum. There are some groups that have set up their own Discord servers, Gitter rooms, and probably Slack channels.

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the bad think about Slack is that I can see us reaching 10k messages and we will see a lot of the free limitations there.

Muh, I like Discord for some reason.

True but there is still a lot of people that is using gitter. Lot’s of people. Maybe it’s two types of people who use forums vs chatrooms.

I prefer this forum for questions and sharing ideas. Gitter is useful if someone needs to have a live conversation with someone else.

FCC used Slack before but they moved over to Gitter for that very reason.

Personally, I prefer Gitter over the forums. There is nothing more useful than real time feedback. However, one of the major issues that came out of Gitter was the amount of trolling that was going on and how hard it was to monitor it. Not to mention the desperate users who would spam blast all the channels to have their question answered. Because of this, even some revenue from the donations that could fund a license for Slack, I highly doubt there will ever be any more official chat channels for FCC