Questions about Gitter

I’ve heard mentioned that FCC uses Gitter but nowhere in my lessons or profile so far has it mentioned that. Was it removed from the new curriculum?


FCC used to have Gitter rooms, but they were shut down some time ago (with the exception of a few specific rooms like the contributors room).

So the entirety of the site’s communication system relies on the forums? If so, has anyone set up discord servers or anything? Because being able to send a message to a live room of thousands of people, to me, seems far more useful than fishing for technical code assistance on a forum system.

If you search the forum for ‘Discord’ I believe you’ll find references to an unofficial FCC discord server. FCC ran both the Gitter rooms and the forum in parallel for quite a while and found that nearly all the useful interactions had moved to the forum. As someone who was in the Gitter rooms with thousands of people for years, I can attest that getting help is much easier here. This forum has extremely good search functionality, so you can very often find your question already answered. If you don’t the average response time on the forum is less than an hour.