Local coding group [Houston, Texas]

Hey y’all. I’m interested in finding any local coding groups. I’m in Houston, Texas. I know with Covid, it’s rough getting together, but local support of any kind would be cool.


I’m also looking for any in-person coding meetups in Houston. How has your search been?

You’re the first and only person to reach out. XD

That sucks. I join the Houston Facebook group and I don’t think they’ve had a meeting since last year.

Makes sense, what with all the covid stuff still going on. What’s the name of the facebook group?

The thing about FCC groups is that it’s always encouraged to start your own group in your city regardless if there is already one listed here or on Facebook. In fact, it would be a considered a success if you can at least get one attendant since it takes two to have a pair programming session :slight_smile:

As far as I know, Texas is one of the least restrictive states when it comes to covid-19. However, I can understand a good portion of Texans still feeling uncomfortable with having meetups. There’s always the option of having online meetups through discord or any chat service.

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Yea, we’re pretty open now. Mask mandate lifted, vaccines coming through, etc.

I wouldn’t mind trying to get something started, but I’m just just a noob and wouldn’t want to presume to “start” one. XD

Lol I wish I wasn’t responding to this two weeks later. Why don’t we start something then? I’m open for anything.

Hey guys, i also want to have a meetup. I wish there really was a person on freecodecamp who could hire as as web developers.

Hey why not make a discord group? I created a discord group called “Houston Coding Group LLC” join the group and we can discuss, do challenges, learn new things, and have fun coding! We could even sometimes play video games like Among Us!

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Ok so my comment was flagged for some reason so I’ll try sending it again. What’s the link to the Discord? This’ll also give us a better way to coordinate and create something for a Houston group.

Oh i almost frogot about this LOL. I did create the discrod, but since nobody wanted to join i removed it

add me on discord cheko#4489 . Let’s set up a meet up in houston