First Local Meetup!

I Just wanted to share that our local FCC Facebook group hadn’t had a meet-up or been very active in probably 12 months so with the help of another local organization, CoderDojo, they organized a room at a local library and we spent the entire time just getting to know each other and hearing about each person’s journey that lead them to coming to the meeting.

Our youngest member was 11 years old and probably the only one that ended up coding in the meeting, as we were all just having such a good time sharing our stories. His father also joined us who was a professional web developer of 20 years who said he still has a lot to learn and has recently started the FCC curriculum. Other attendees backgrounds included events management, accounting and finance, systems administration, HR with the final having been sidelined from landscaping work due to injury which lead to a new found passion for coding.

We have planned to set a regular monthly meeting for the moment and plan to attack some of the FCC projects in future meet-ups as a group. The representative from CoderDojo also said they get plenty of requests from non-profit organizations they work closely with that could give us access to work on real world projects and have offered to apply for funding through their sponsors to hopefully cover all the costs of our future meet-ups, which is usually just the cost of hiring a room and getting access to wifi in the library.

I’m really pleased with how the meet-up went and I encourage anybody out there that may not have an active group on their local Facebook page to step out of your comfort zone and just have a crack at organizing it yourself. I think you will be surprised at how many people are also looking to meet people but are waiting on somebody to take charge to bring them together and form that community. Quincy and the Freecodecamp Platform is a shining example of that very concept.

In the spirit of encouraging people to do the same I will post an update after each meeting covering off on what was discussed and what we worked on. It would be really great to hear from other people out there who have attended or organized FCC Meet-ups who might be able to share what worked and what maybe did not work so well.

Some specific questions I do have are:

  • What do you think is a suitable meetup frequency? (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc…)
  • How do you structure your meetings? (everybody just opens their laptops and codes on their own, somebody does a presentation, pair program, group program etc…)
  • What is a good size for a local group?

Thank you in advance for any feedback and here is a pic from our meet-up.


The beginning of great things. Looking forward to working on real-life projects with the good people from this group.