San Antonio, Texas FreeCodeCamp group

I don’t have a Facebook account (crazy right?) anyone on here from San Antonio know when the next meet up is?

Hey man. I joined the San Antonio Facebook group a little over a month ago but they haven’t posted any info about any meetups lately. I posted a question on there about meetups just a couple of days ago but no one has responded. I wish the group was more active.

Then we just have to take over haha. Yeah it’d be cool to have a meet up. Especially since I’m new to all of this stuff.

Haha, absolutely. I’ve been “learning code” for over a year now but it didn’t become serious until recently. I still consider myself to be a novice. Hopefully we can get this thing going, even if it starts off as just a once a month thing for an hour or two.

Yeah I’m up for it. It will definitely help talking and working with other people who are in to coding. I’m about to start working on my tribute page. Have you completed that yet?

Yeah, I’ve done the tribute and portfolio projects. I feel like I may have rushed through them, to be honest. But, i can always go back and clean them up later on.

Here’s my tribute page

Who are you doing yours on?

Looks good, I was going to pick Manu actually. But I think I’m leaning towards Jon Snow. He’s a fictional character but I think it would be cool to design something like that. I’m hoping to start tonight or tomorrow. I’m sure it’s going to take me longer than the 2 days.

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I’m in San Antonio and I joined the Facebook group but yeah, it seems pretty dead. Which is a shame.

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It really is. When I first joined it seemed like there was a little bit of movement but nothing the last couple of months. We should try to organize something!

Thanks. Yeah taking your time is a good idea. I love Jon Snow. To be honest I didn’t even think about doing it on a fictional character, that’s pretty cool.

I’m up for that. “Local coffee” at the pearl would be perfect lol.

sooooo I might be late for this but I’m very new to coding and do not have a face book (baseline you are not the only one lol ) but I would be interested in maybe getting a group together to learn from and help each other I am in san Antonio as well