Looking for a Study Partner for Python Learning

I am a college student and currently doing the ‘Scientific Computing with Python Certification’. I completed 18 chapters, so if anyone who is doing the same course wants to connect and have a study partner, do leave a reply. I am a beginner in python, I know basic C++ and HTML, CSS.

We can connect on discord and share updates, solve doubts or any other difficulties. Coding alone gets lonely and very often we loose the motivation to complete, that is the reason why I want to associate with someone and learn together.

I would be glad if anyone is interested.


I have been in nodejs for a while. It’s been a year now .
But due to some college project I have to shift towards Python.What do you think does this course offers deep knowledge in python?

Hey @akshitagupta20, I’m not doing the same course but I have a little bit of experience working in python, if you need someone to keep you accountable and help you with doubts (A mentor of sorts) you can feel free to DM me on discord to this username nxteword#8072. All the best.

sure, I’m in to chat about Python

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This starts from the basics and is good for building foundation for ML. I am doing it for project as well.
What’s your project about?

Hi, I’m finishig the certification! Actually i’m working on final projects. If you need some feedback tell me. Also feel free to ask me for help. Good luck!

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Count me in for any Python related project :smile:

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Great, been looking for one
I started learning basics a year back, but lost interest after 12 chapters and recently started again. Really need someone to keep the motivation up.
Btw I am beginner in python and doesn’t know much about C++, HTML etc (Interested in ML, so learning python as a stepping stone)


Its about video chatting website using django.

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I am a working as a VBA developer. I have started to learn python out of my interest. Completed some basic chapters. Interested in learning much more topics. Let me know if we can collaborate to achieve our goals.


Hi am Abdul I would like to partner with you

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I am also learning Python (but not from the same course) and know basics of C++, Html and CSS.

It will be great to study with someone having similar interest.

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HI @ akhitgup
can we share some scripts as a samples

Hi there,

I am interested in “Scientific Computing with Python”. I know basic python, for certification and practice i am going to join freecodecamp. From my side , It’s really great to work with like minded. How can we share details?

I am interested to learn together with u

Thank you everyone for the responses.
I got already connected with people for the cause but I am always open for discussion for python, drop in a message anytime.
Happy Coding! :))

I need you to help me please

Hi Sonia,

Let me know your query. I will try to help you.

Happy To help always.

Did you know something about HTML,CSS and little bit about javascript ?
need of reply there is some mistake which I am facing that’s I am telling you , hope you’ll give me reply

If you have a question about some code you are working on, it’s best to make a new topic to ask your question. Don’t forget to include your code with your question!