Looking for Coding Buddy!

I’m Java beginner level coder and I’m looking for a coding buddy to learn Java with. We could hold each other accountable and stay motivated together. And it would be pretty good if you knew Russian. So if you want u can write me in my telegram acc @xenialevi or down below

hi! are you learning java or javascript? im learning javascript, unfortunatley i dont speak russian, im italian , we can help each other though!

I know basic stuff of HTML and CSS, what about you?

sorry, i learning java

I am learning javascript, maybe we can help each other.

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yeah that’s great @IAmRC1 ! how do you wanna proceed?

ciao ricky I’m interested, how can i contact you?

so good that you found each other

do you have telegram? my username is ‘at rickyleaks’

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My username is emiudisi.

I would like a coding buddy to!

Can’t send you messages on telegram try texting me