Looking for feedback on my Tech Docs Page

Just finished my tech docs page and was hoping to get some feedback on it. I decided to reuse the demo content but wanted to focus on giving it a much better look and feel.


Looking really good! Really clear with the darker theme and yellow highlights.
The mob menu works and looks great too

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It looks nice :slight_smile: nice design, i would suggest some things,

  1. Navbar gets hidden under the screen, you might add overflow-y: scroll at bigger screens.

  2. For mobile screens horizontal scroll gets displayed, you might need to adjust that, adjust the code block, it gets exceeded.

  3. Do not use li elements as you have used here inside main, it should always have the parent ul with it, these modern browsers like chrome might correct your invalid html to a maximum level but sometimes it might not, it might break your code, it is not best practice to use li elements without ul ( Note: ul elements have default padding to its left and margin at the top and bottom, you might clear it or adjust it.

Rest all looks good, Good luck ! :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks for the suggestions! I see what you mean about the li elements, funny thing is that was how it was written in the FCC demo cuz I didn’t change those sections. I’ll work on fixing that though.

Couple questions though regarding the navbar and mobile display, can I ask what phone, browser, and resolution you are using? And what resolution on desktop is hiding the navbar for you? I’m having trouble replicating the issue and it looks correct on my phone (GS9+), my friends iPhone 7 Plus and my desktop browser. But getting compatibility across all devices is something I definitely want to achieve in my pages.


I use chrome ( Version 69.0.3497.81) also in my firefox ( Version 62.0 ), does that appear alright in your browser.? or is it weird in mine, i did not check in mobile yet, i used dev tools mobile viewer

And for mobile view,

Looks great!
I would add some padding-left to your navbar.

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It definitely didn’t look like that in my dev tools for iPhone 5/SE, but I made a lot of tweaks just now to try and clean up the appearance so give it another shot and let me know if it still looks bad

Got ya! Added that just now

Okay when i tried in my mobile, it looks good, but still hor-scroll appears.

In the screenshot, notice the bottom of the screen.

Let me tell you, everything looks good, you may check it once again, but if it looks okay after you check, then ignore my comments, the design looks great and good work, go forward, Good luck ! :wink: