Looking for some resources to practice js repetition for the basics

I’ve made my way up to the record problem on the java script course, but I realized, I haven’t retained much. I can usually look at code and figure it out, but trying to type this myself doesn’t work. I need to get a lot of repetition in on the basics so I can start actually retaining it. I’m new to java script and coding in general, but I have tinkered over the years with editing other peoples stuff. Consider me a beginner. I’m having a bit of a hard time remembering syntax. I feel like at this point I will go back over the entire course, but I need to figure a way of actually typing this out., a lot of the course just hand feeds you a lot of the function so you are only inputting a small piece. I guess I can just type the entire thing out in vs code or something to help, but are there any resources out there that offer more work on the same issue so I can kind of pound it into my somewhat thick head?

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There are a variety of sites that can provide you with more challenges, such as codewars dot com and leetcode dot com. I’m sure a good google search will find you even more.

go to codewars,
create an account,
choose language(I assume JS will be the way to go for you),
choose ‘fundamentals’ option for practicing

it will start throwing on you bunch of simple challenges, which are not very complex in terms of logic, but can be useful for getting comfy with syntax via repetition

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That’s exactly what I’m looking for right now. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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