Looking for Web Designer for Project

I’m a beginner at coding like most people here, I dabble in javascript & node.js. Coding is just a hobby and so is this proejct.

I’m writing a browser based text game, the core if the game is written node.js + expressjs it’s going well but the thing is I have zero creativity when it comes to the design(look) of the game. I have a clear idea of everything about the game, mechanics,gameplay it’s just a matter of implementing it.

Required Skills : HTML/CSS/Boostrap and optional jQuery/ajax,but I can handle those if they are not something you want to learn, you don’t have to be an expert, I’m not one either.

Obviously this project doesn’t pay anything it’s more of an addition to your portfolio, if you have questions or if you want to join me leave a message here about how I can contact you or you can add me on FB ID: Nepherius

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Hello Nepherius and welcome :slight_smile:

This sounds interesting ! I have almost never tagged along another coder to make a project. Only on some very hard bonfires on FCC haha.

I can handle HTML/CSS/responsive frameworks very well and got no problems using JS/Jquery either. Here are some of my past exercices : https://codepen.io/Mizujin/

Where are you located at ? How do you want to proceed ?

Still looking for someone into web design, I should also mention that I’m GMT + 2 so it would be ideal for someone in the same timezone as me.

I would be happy to contribute. I live in GMT +5:30.

Still looking for an awesome web designer :slight_smile: