Looking to learn React, is there a good deployment-like tutorial?

I’ve been lightly using Javascript for a few years now and even teach a bit of it for Data Science, but I personally wanted to gain some exposure to React. However, I’m not looking for a tutorial resource that’s geared towards explaining individual pieces, I prefer to just read the documentation for that. What I’m hoping to find is someone who walks through creating and deploying something using React so I can see the whole process / structure / mindset of using React.

Not sure if anyone knows of a good up-to-date resource that’s like this. I found a resource a few years ago by Colt Steele called “Web Developer Bootcamp” which was perfectly structured in that way. Was hoping to find similar for React.

fCC has a video course on React.

Not sure deployment is covered much but that isn’t really hard to find info on (react deploy search).

Deployment doesn’t really have much to do with React itself. Different projects may be deployed differently. If I were you - I would just look for tutorials that walk you through creating a simple react application from 0 to finish. That way you will get a general idea of what its like working with react from start of the project to finish.

One I REALLY liked is a little bit dated, but it’s “your first react app” ebook by andrew farmer. He goes from idea generation to deployment on github pages and it really changed how I looked at programming and developing applications in react in terms of organizing the build, sequencing your coding and planning everything ahead of time without going out of scope