Losing hope, don't know what to do

first let me apologies for my bad English. I think I should tell a little bit about about my past . My name is Ankit . I live in a small village in India. After high school I was very confused which degree course I should take. Though at that time I have little interest in computer , I ended mechanical engineering. What a foolish decision I made. After 2 years I drop out college. I think the year was 2017. It was very hard decision. At that time I didn’t knew what to do. When I was in my college my interest in computer grew really strong. So , I thought to learn programming. But my math skill is very poor and i though that coding need hardcore math.
So, I avoid programming computer programming and started learning other thing like networking stuff. At that time my health was also not good. I faced many health issue. My motivation keep dropping and I quite. I felt to pathetic and I felt like I can’t do anything.
In 2018 I took a bachelor of Arts course and got a admission in a public college. But I always wanted to learn coding. In December 2018 I found this website freecodecamp. I thought it’s now or never. After that I started learning. I learn html/css/javascript/react/nodejs/mongodb/python and I also learn some math like basic probability , statistics, linear algebra and a little bit calculus. Because of college pressure and other thing, It took me almost a year to learn all of this. Now I am 22 years old. Next year I will going to be graduate and I will also going to search for jobs. I am still not sure what will happen and a bachelor of Arts degree is not helpful.Some people even told me your are too old to learn this stuff. I am very low in motivation and don’t know what to do .


you are never too old to start coding, I am older than you and I started learning JS just some time ago. I hope you overcome hard times and begin believing in yourself. Never give up!


At 22, your life is just getting started. I’m more than twice your age and I’m learning coding.

It sounds like you already gone through quite a bit of the curriculum. Maybe building something on your own, or contributing to open source projects would help with motivation.

Best of luck!


Ankit! Dios te bendiga mucho hermano. SAludos y abrazos desde Venezuela:
Sé que la vida está llena de trabas y problemas y honestamente, sé como te sientes en éste momento: ¿frustrado? ¿cansando? ¿Cortado? Si es así quiero decirte que he vivido en esa escena repetidas veces hasta contar 10.
Pero, personalmente quisiera darte un consejo de corazón a corazón, basado en lo que yo he podido vivir y como he podido salir de estas crisis: Un futuro mayor.
Vos y yo, aunque estamos en lugares, olores y distancias distintas SIEMPRE hemos perseguido algo, pero las mejores metas, las que mantienen vivo el motor de los hombres hasta el final es el amor.
Así que te pregunto ¿en donde pones tu amor? Desde los 18 cambie mi brujula y decidí ponerlo en Cristo Jesús donde no todo es color de rosa: hay traiciones, fallas y errores pero sólo en Jesús hay esperanza, el verdadero motivo por el cual vives y (aún más importante): la motivación por la cual continuar y no abandonar hasta el final.

ANtes, mis fuerzas se agotaban pues todo era para mi, para llenar un sólo estómago y un sólo corazón pero ahora; en JEsús, el motivo son miles y todo lo que hago lo hago por amor a Él.

HAy cosas que sólo puede ÉL hacer: darle verdadero y profundo sentido a la vida, pero hay cosas que sólo tú (ni DIos) puede tocar: tú voluntad. Tu capacidad para decidir acercarte a Él en oración, entregar tu vida y cambiar sabes, esos hábitos de estudio y de pensamiento que dañan.

No te rindas.
EMpuja más.
Mira hacia el cielo, si aún tiene hambre tu corazón: hay Un pastor para seguir.
Mira a tu alrededor, si aún hay gente: hay motivos para amar, servir e insistir.

Te lo dice alguien cuyo país, siendo el más rico de LAtinoamerica, de padres que viajaron por muchas creencias te lo dice luego de años de buenas y malas experiencias: Sólo en Jesús está tu verdadero propósito y Él sabe qué deberias dejar y tomar.

Bendiciones! ¡Se te quiere :heart: !

PD: Te recomiendo, no salgas de algo hasta que lo termines, hacerlo antes de tiempo condiciona tu cerebro a rendirte más rápido exponencialmente.

“No sé quienes serán los más infelices en la vida, pero algo sé: las personas que sirven a los demás siempre son más felices que aquellos que no”


Hey, the age doesn’t matter at all many got their jobs in the age of like the 40s, 50. And you are at the best age to start getting a job. never lose hope in any moment. Try going deep into coding.

What dev are you
Set what dev are you going to be. It doesn’t matter what degree you have. I know a Bachelor of Arts degree has no connection with coding. Still, there is no wrong. If you choose the way at this age then it will be easy to get a job. You can choose which dev you are going to be.

Learning according to dev
Backend dev and Frontend dev
Backend dev means the person who will work on the server-side but the Frontend dev will work on what we see in the browser he will not have contact with the server.
You can know more about Frontend and backend.

Full Stack Dev
Full Stack Dev is who know to work at both Front and the server-side (back)
Go Toward your dream job
If you choose what dev you’re going to be then it is easy to find your dev dream job. When you finish learning (backend or Frontend or Full stack).
Then now time to get a job.

First, Try applying to low-end companies to gain experience in the field of work. Then start applying to a large company.

Hope this helps you.
Happy Coding.


I started FCC in my late 40s. I am now a professional software developer. Your Bachelor of Arts degree is not worthless - I have a degree in music. True, it is not as good as having a degree in computer science, but it is also not worthless - it shows that I can start and finish something. It shows that I can learn and meet deadlines and goals. And, some places like having people with different backgrounds.

But I am in the US and you are in India so things may be different for you. For example, some countries are stricter about certifications. I also know that India has a lot of good technical schools so there may be some healthy competition. Also, different countries have different attitudes about age.

But I also know that that culture of the web dev community is that the most important thing is what you’ve done and what you know. My advice would be to keep learning and keep building things. Try to find some work, any work. India is a big country and someone somewhere will be willing to give you a shot. There is also freelance work with things like upwork. Just keep building and learning and learning and building. If you can show someone that you have a lot of knowledge and have built some cool stuff, age and degrees will matter less and less.


@gusakmarina @cherylm @pabloeoliveros @codely @kevinSmith
Thank you all for your kind words. I will do my best and try not go get depressed. Life is kind a hard for me for last couple of years, but I will not loose hope. Thank you all


Force is with you!


Focus on your health first! There are so many avenues you can take to improve on that. I have been lately focusing on cold showers (via Wim Hof method) and Vipassana meditation. But it is all about what works for you.

Change is gradual, so find small steps you can start taking and stick to them if you can! If you can’t stick to them, the problem is not you it is the system you are trying to adopt isn’t working for the current you.

In the meanwhile study coding if you can too, but you can always return. I am 30 and have just been returning to coding this year after very limited learning when I was 18. Just make sure you focus on being healthy and doing what you can for now.

I had health problems and depression at your age. I still have those same health problems now but I navigate them better. All I could do was focus on my well-being, I took a lot of wrong turns and made a lot of bad decisions but having a goal and feedback still led me to improve significantly over the following years.

Good luck, even that you are posting here is a great sign!


Hey Ankit!
I’m’ brazilian and as you, I’m 21, or as we can say, a teen becoming a man.
Nowadays, what is important is not your graduation, but your great skills and interests, so show the employer what you want him to know of you!
I’d like to know how you have been doing after reading all of these courageous messages and when the subject is happiness, don’t forget :

(don’t think, do.)


You can do it! I understand how you feel and i am only seventeen. I can’t give much advice as I don’t know enough about how you are feeling and your situation in life, but I just know that no matter what, you can do accomplish great things. Don’t let fears limit you.

If health becomes an issue, step back and let yourself breathe and just live for a while. When you step forwards again, you will be stronger than before.


Life is too short. Let do things make you happy and meaningful. Try everything to success. Never give up. Just fight!


I was feeling really depressed , when I was writing this post. But now after reading this messages , I gained some of my confidence. I will try hard and really this is the best community. :smile:


That’s the spirit! :+1:


I’ll take my time replying to this as I am all far too familiar with this circle of doubt around age, progression, career choices etc.

Long story short: I am almost 29, I am currently in a finance job, learning web development, I didn’t even finish my banking degree and I know 100% that finance is not for me, too repetitive and has uninteresting problems to solve.

First thing I’d like to address is other people telling you that you are too ‘something’ and you can’t do what you want to do. People don’t know shit. The older you get, the more you realise that very few people give you advice that is good for YOU. They just throw opinions that don’t hold up to your personal life story. And nobody knows you better than you, as little or as much as that may be. So don’t worry about peoples opinions, that never ends and only like 5% of them are worthwhile. People who care for you would want you to push yourself and be uncomfortable in the face of challenge and they would tell you that you can do it and that they will have your back no matter what happens. That’s the sort of friends I keep personally.

Second thing, age. I was worried about this 1 year ago. But i read stories from people in their 50s and 60s going into web development and making it work for themselves. So literally don’t even take that into consideration. If a young person who has been coding since the age of 5 comes across your path, don’t think of it as a negative, just consider how you can be useful to them so that you may learn from them. There are tons of people who will always be better and younger than me at coding but it won’t stop me from learning and improving and providing value at my own pace. You can do the same.

Third thing: growth mindset. Talent is a matter of time and hard work. If you accept that and give yourself enough time, you will accomplish what you want. Just be smart about it (research, plan, revise the plan, push forward). I made some notes on a book “Bounce - Myth of talent and power of practice”, feel free to go through it.

I gave myself 10 years to become an amazing front-end web developer. I plan my time accordingly and research what I need to learn to get a job in the industry in 2021. After that I’ll plan more and more and more until I am 38 and am earning what I deserve after my hard work.

This is my current plan for the next 6 months of learning, I literally finished planning everything yesterday. Do something similar, even if you get a job in another thing to keep you afloat, you can always plan your spare time!

Keep your head up and just make a choice. Then go forward with that choice. Give yourself enough time to accomplish it (3-5 years is a good amount of time). And get good friends who will give you quality advice, not just criticism and doubt - that shit is easy to give.

Good luck.


Super happy someone here is into Wim Hof and cold showers; on that note, sound advice :smiley:, thanks for sharing Kael.

I’d argue that as an added benefit to health, cold showers seem to be a good way of training the mind in letting go/vulnerability to the external. Pretty much a win/win in anyway i see it.


Hey man! You already got a lot of encouraging messages, just wanted to say you’re way ahead of me, I started learning to code at around 21- 22 yrs after going for a degree as a mechanical engineer, after I finished school I’ve been working as a developer since then. I’m currently -kinda leading a team as frontend developer for a project with the government in my country Mexico with many people that actually studied CS or something related. So it’s very possible to be good and find a job, just don’t give up, it’s an endurance race!


Also I wouldn’t say a degree in arts is useless if u can mix it with what u know of coding, I guess if u took that degree was because u liked it in some way, so a path as UX or frontend could be a good path to follow


I would say that my degree in the arts affects how I think, in a good way. The place I work values having people with different backgrounds and different ways of thinking.

Music taught me a lot - it’s very technical and requires a dedication to lifelong learning, never settling. Those are good qualities.


Ankit bro. Never give up. I want to tell you that you’re someone I should look up to, because you have battled some real tough things and I understand what you’ve been through. I’m 29. I dropped out of college when I was 19. Been working odd jobs and have been supporting my family. This year, I gathered courage and got myself enroled in BA and have started to learn to Code. There are days I am not sure what I’m doing and I just sulk. But read the comments to your post. There are so many people saying age is never a hindrance and you’ll be able to do what you want with the required amount of application and focus.

You are so young and have so much time to develop yourself. And you already are far ahead in Coding field than me and most others. I will wish you all the best and I am sure, you’ll do your best!

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