Lost on where to go with my career change

Hi, this is my first post here.
I´m about to be 30 years old and I used to be a electrical engineering student however I had to stop because I needed to work as the financial situation on my house was pretty bad and I got to know that in my country despite the high regards for electrical engineers, there isn´t almost any work in my country and wouldn’t be able to work or do anything until graduated and maybe moving out of my country which I didn´t like the idea 100%.

Now, almost 6 years after, I have 5+ years of experience in sales but I hate that my salary depends a lot on commissions or bonuses which change all the time and recently my company made a very heartless change in the bonus structure making me lose a lot of money per month.

Now I really need to make a career change and there´s a lot of mixed opinions and negativity today about the tech industry so I don´t know where to start or what to do to be able to break into the tech industry and have a more stable salary.

This isn´t only about the money for me, I seriously like coding and even went through CCNA 1&2 many years ago and since young I like the idea of working in tech and now it has become a passion.

But I´m not sure how to get my first tech job, where to begin, or what else I should learn to have more working options. I get I won´t become a professional in a week, but I would like to know what’s the fastest way to break into tech, continue learning and then grow in the industry.

I have already begun the FCC certification on responsive web design and finished the first 2 courses, I plan to continue down the path of FCC but its hard to focus and not get anxious as I´m making way less money than before and I was dumb enough to get a loan for a house and even change my car because I was making decent money, now I don´t know what I´ll do.

Its worth mentioning I´m from Honduras and work from home with a US company and want to continue working from home if possible as jobs in my country pay very, very badly.

Any recommendations? Comments? Hope?

You have something already in your favor then, you can write and understand English, that’s a must, even if you find a job eventually in a local place.
You have several options to break in. You got a couple routes that the entry level is easier than others. One, you can go the route of web development front end and later on if opportunities come, backend. Two, you can go the route of system administration (Linux is the best at this time) and learn at home everything you need to learn how to administer servers, that can translate later on, going into Cloud Services, DevOps or SRE. And third you can learn about a Networking (switches, routers, network protocols) path, which it will involve getting knowledge also of applications, services and servers. A bit harder to get into the game but doable.
If you have the chance to invest in learning and taking some certifications that could give you not only the confidence and assurance that you know the scope of the certification, but for a place that need to give you a chance might be the encouragement to do so.
If you go the route of web development, be prepare to spend your time building a portfolio that you can present as proof of abilities.
By the way, database administration it used to be a separate role but these days is almost tied to server administration or DevOps.


I was thinking on options like Saas Sales but I almost never see any openings for people in Latam or my country specifically which is quite demotivating. Also I´ve heard QA testing is an option but I don´t know what to learn to do that and my google searches aren´t helpful.

I know its not good to rush into something but I´m looking into changing jobs as soon as possible as the actions of my current company are just evil and its really hard continuing working for them for less even when I´m constantly breaking sales records. So I need to find something in maybe 1 or 2 months and I really want it to be in the tech industry so I can begin gathering experience in the industry which I hear is very important.

Those are specialized roles already that you get into from knowing and having performed already other technical roles. In case of SaaS Sales, unless you know whoever owns the business, the role usually is filled by engineers that have worked already in the field. Also, a lot of the time, it follows the same compensation formulas that in other sales trades (commission).
QA is normally filled by people that have been performing already roles related to development (coders) or system engineers. And it makes sense, this is nothing more that a step up or side move from lesser technical roles, but it must have experience there. In other words, these are not entry level positions.

Which country do you belong to ?

Per my reading there is huge demand for qualified engineers in EV industry and also semiconductor industry.

I would like you to re-consider your decision to move out of your core competency.

Let me know what your views on above suggestions ?

Don’t be so confused while choosing your career. There are many remote jobs available in the US and worldwide. In the future, there will be more remote working jobs because companies have also embraced the Hybrid working culture. Also, it is good to see that so much expertise you are carrying through certification. Then why don’t you go for the self employment? Find our clients and give them quotation according to your requirements of project. Charge them hourly basis but it should be competitive. We found [link removed by moderator] where you can find more remote jobs in Honduras.

I´m absolutely confident I don´t want to change my career again to Electrical engineering. My country is Honduras and E.E earn less than $1,000US per month while I earn $1700 base salary per month in Sales.

Please do not include links to external job sites.
Thanks :+1:

You say that you “seriously like coding” and that “it has become a passion”, so what kind of coding are you passionate about? What type of programming have you been doing? If you’re trying to turn your hobby or passion into a profession, then the best place to start is to research jobs based on the skills that you have so passionately developed and find out what additional skills, experience, or certifications they might require.

I suggest take pen and paper, write down below options

  1. Do you know that Mexico is getting huge investment from Tesla and BYD ? 5 billion+ USD to build huge factories ?

  2. There will be Tier - 2 and Tier - 3 suppliers as well for this big players.

  3. Do you know that semi conductor industry is next oil industry ? Have you read news about 6 trillion USD fund raising by OpenAI CEO for semiconductor industry in middle east ?

You can get well paying job in this sector itself, which can sustain for next 4 - 5 decades

Now coming to IT

  1. You need to invest min 1 year dedicated time to learn new skills
  2. Can you get US visa easily ? If yes then your salary can increase 5 - 10 fold for sure
  3. If you move to Middle East, salary is good and completely tax free as well ( semiconductor industry I mean )

If I were in your position, would definitely go for emerging field for which you already have knowledge.

All the very best.

If you are thinking about changing your career, then make your career in that which you are interested in. By doing a job based on one’s skills, the work gets done well and the mind remains engaged.

So its not exactly like that.
It´s not like I´m turning a hobby into a profession, I´m simply enjoying learning how to code and I´m learning how to code because I want a career change from sales to tech and I´ve been learning things related to computer science for quite a while.

Currently I enjoy Python and I´m taking the web design course from FCC. Still the initial question is about breaking into tech, I understand that one of the most valuable things in the industry is experience and I want to get as much experience as possible the sooner the better. But I´m not sure where to begin.

This is very interesting advice, I appreciate it and might think about it.

However I´m way too far from thinking about this options as I´m not even at the junior level. Also I would prefer not to abandon my country, might seem weird but I´m building my own house and housing is not too bad in my country yet so I´ll be able to own a house with enough land. But almost everywhere outside of LATAM is getting worse and worse with their costs of living and housing so I´m not too interested in leaving yet. Maybe if things turn for the worse here I might.

Now the whole point of my post is to get advice on the proper first steps in the industry and how to enter the industry as fast as possible to begin accumulating experience.

ok got it.

Here is my advice to be ready Jr. Frontend Developer role

  1. Learn HTML and CSS → Build Projects ( Refer to Frontend Mentor website )
  2. Repeat same step for JS and React

I have made a big mistake of not building as many project during learning phase.

I thought just learning above technologies will make me job ready and I was totally wrong.

Without building good amount of quality projects, won’t give you confidence.

All the very best.

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Switching from sales to tech can be hard. Make friends in the tech world, keep learning online and show off your skills with projects. You prefer working from home so look for remote jobs. Manage your money wisely and don’t give up. With your effort you can accomplish it.
With time and trouble, you can negotiate it.