Lost progress and I don't know how to restart or recover my data

Hi guys,

So, I finish the World Cup Database project and am about to get all the files and put them on my github. Then everything is gone when I restart the VM even CodeRoad is not there. I tried to restart the VM and nothing changed, I tried to go to the CodeAlly account I found out my account “Cloud IDE” button has disappeared :((

Screenshot from 2023-06-29 11-58-12
Has anyone had this issue before?

i just had an issue once where files weren’t showing up under project folder but were still there (somewhere?) can you access them in the terminal?

I should add that I was able to access file in terminal and eventually they showed up on left. This was in Learn Nano tutorial though

No, all the file is gone in the project folder

nothing is getting added to projects.

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